Please make this one

RazoWay07: Someone please make this Emblem for Battlefield 1.
Cosmic_Kitten45: I'm sure someone with more time than myself can remove the background. It shouldn't be hard, just overlay some shapes and voila!
Cosmic_Kitten45: This is the fixed link, enjoy!
Joseph: I'm not the OP, just observing. Nice emblem making skillz Cosmic_Kitten45! Got the angle on the Z other way round, but very clean and perfect shapes otherwise. ^_^' if you don't use mobile, you could try an overlay program to help make it easier for you to trace emblems~ :)
Cosmic_Kitten45: Thanks for the feedback Joseph! Where can I get an overlay tool? I don't want things getting too complicated for me, as I am a simple person. I just kinda hop on here and do small projects for people so I am not all that serious about getting things perfect, if they like it, they like it, if they don't, they don't lol!
Cosmic_Kitten45: Here is the fixed and final version of this emblem. A correction has been made to the lower angle of the "Z" portion. Thanks to the observation by Joseph I have fixed the discrepancy. And while I was at it I removed the background. Enjoy!
Joseph: Personally I have been using the free version of "Image Overlay Utility", but apparently newer versions have been reported for taking personal info. There seems to be a new program called "Overlay2", but it prompts for you to buy the full version. I uploaded my version of "Image Overlay Utility" up for torrent if you want a copy: But be aware that some virus programs will recognize it so up to you if you want to use it. Also I saved Chrome Extensions that help edit and paste code for BF4, maybe not relevant to you in BF1 though, but Greaterfield has a handy paste function for code in BF1: