I need help to create a emblem

Charlie: I need the help of a person who can create an emblem for my clan of bf4 in battlelog (TSR) if you want to help me, write to +56949500248
Joseph: how do you write to a number? email, facebook, google+, or twitter plz?
مراد: https://f.top4top.net/p_110679t4k0.jpg
Hamody: http://c.up-00.com/2019/01/154758257794041.jpeg
Hamody: Plese
Joseph: Why is this order getting spammed by other people? Is it getting recommended by Google or something? You can make a new order by the way if you are new here: https://emblemsbf.com/orders.html
حمودي: JAZN
حمودي: JAZIN