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Free Syria (Jamal)
syria (Jamal) +1
More furry girls (Badrum)
Can anyone post the code thing of this image pls ? (Daniel) +8
Jönköpings Weapons Shield (Linushg111)
im looking for a spartan emblem for platoon on bf1 (Irish) +1
custom coyote emblem (Coyotespunion) +1
BF4 emblem HELI 99% HACK ..PLEASE!!! (Kimboo)
BF1 Emblem (Rattleslug) +1
Emblem request plz (Եհҽ ςօԹվ ղíղյɑ) +1
Soul Eater Crew emblem (Dexter)
Plz make me a emblem (Badrum) +3
Emblem Request Please (Sean) +1
I'm having error when I try put this emblem(bf1), somebody can fix please? (get_name) +3
Crew Emblem (Pavel) +1
have a battlefield for milsim and I represent that unit and I would love to see someone make our emblem I can,t find one anywhere if someone could help me out this is what the emblem looks like I need it in a code for battlelog platoons please http:/ (Diesel) +1
Suikoden Soul eater rune (DarkVoxx) +1
Emblema Ilha da Macacada (Mateus) +1
Artist rtifle emblem (Lendithron) +3
Help with Esports team please! (Witty) +1
Please start using import links instead of code (SoulPaws) +8
Convert bf1 emblem link to bf4 emblem code (GeniusPlayUnique) +1
Kakashi's face (Եհҽ ςօԹվ ղíղյɑ)
camper killer for bf4 or team retard (Coyotespunion)
Mr Pickles (Hendrixpunk) +5
Far Cry 5 Cult (Raleigh05) +1
I am back! Write your orders and I will convert them! (Mapache)
G2 Esport Logo (ProCryonicX 愛 BLS) +1
Врата Эдема (Joseph_Sid) +1
Somebody can fix this emblem? (Cruiser) +8
halp (Nikita)
Llen from Sword art online alternative (Mechuchemen)
https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b1/Dolce_%26_Gabbana.svg (Dom)
Would someone make(or share) me a HSI姉貴(cookie☆) emblem link? (TomX) +6
Shokuhou Misaki (박사갓)
LOGO.jpg (JonesGaming) +2
Can you make logo for me? (Andron_87 凸(-_-)凸)
I want 3 custom emblems. (photo on description) (sTgAndrews) +2
can someone make this image plsssss [img on desc] (Yuri) +1
Looking for a badass emblem for my platoon in bf1 (Patrick)
Want a emblem (Badrum)
Dominatrix (Amanda)
логотип (dr.vova77700)
Niggas kissing (pic in description) (rpae1)
Hi please can i have a platoon emblem (brendon A)
i would love an emblem for my clan (Mystoganz) +12
team retard needs haaaaalp (Coyotespunion) +1
Would love to get an emblem like this (Der Inquisitor)
Emblem please! Thanks! (Marcio) +5