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CARNAGE (dagos1cool)
http://armygoods.ru/product_info.php?products_id=11252 (Krack)
[$3.00 USD][Quick Simple Logo][NonPremium] (valueablesauce) +4
Raptor Emblem *Probably fairly Challenging* (Nick) +3
M82A3 emblem needed! Grey! (M82A3-User) +1
Would greatly appreciate this emblem. (kevyn.jones.92)
Mex-info (andre.melnik.1)
Holo from "Spice and Wolf" (mrsokolus)
I want this Pic (strong.skylight)
Vegeta 40 layers 10USD (Michel) +4
Clan emblem required ($5 Dollar prize for best emblem) (paul.giganti) +4
эмблема для клана Sevlush (Муртазалиев )) +1
sevlush (Муртазалиев ))
Does anybody could do to me person? PLiss :( I will be grateful;) (dawid.machowicz)
Suiseiseki (immavasya)
Strange Music Logo contest (travvyexodus)
Paid 10 dollars paypal (gabrielsiqueirahentz) +4
Will someone make this emblem without the airborne tab please? (ALEXG) +1
KC Cheifs (matthew.s.lowry)
STL Cardinals (matthew.s.lowry)
University of Alabama emblem (luckeytimmy) +2
hiro4512 (liam)
Could someone please make this... (mickel.shaver)
byakugan and maybe you can also do hinata Hyuga (from naruto shippuden) Non-premium (dawid.machowicz) +4
Could someone create the emblem for my clan? (Riccardo) +5
My Logo (joe.vengels)
A Simple Logo, shouldn't take much work, since you've guys got the "know how" :) (BaZoo Dax)
clan emblem please (glen.hamilton.16) +1
французский иностранный легион (последняя надежда на вас братья-славяне,пендосы не помогли((() (JekBro)
KRATTOS Head (joel.acevedo) +4
Sanae Dekomori (aaammazafakha)
Gun Manufacturers Please (DWreck1995) +3
Emblem of a Broken Monitor (llXll.PuNk.llXll) +1
Mad/Awesome Face (M4karov) +6
Need this simple logo please :p (patrice.brugger) +7
Hank Scorpio emblem please? (Ethan10183)
Detroit Lions logo please? (Ethan10183)
Сочи 2014 (pushok235) +1
KRATTOS Emblem (joel.acevedo)
Hard logo (hlwwwv) +1
I would love if someone could replicate this walter sobchak image for me. (Bacon89) +1
Can someone create this emblem please? (LycanWrath) +2
Strange Music logo or something Tech N9ne related (travvyexodus) +3
Blood Pack symbol from Mass effect and yes premium is best (mickel.shaver) +1
Turkey in a space suit (lilbroganoosh)
SEEK nice Emblème ESL Electronic Sports League 25 euro for the best (adele.ben.18) +8
Emblem For A CLAN (UnluckyRaven00) +1
SEEK nice Emblème ESL Electronic Sports League 25 euro for the best (adele.ben.18) +4
Major league doorkicking (Pott) +6
G.R.O.M - Polish forces! (Ranipl)